Breathe in, Breathe out

What the Plant was born with the idea of having more greens around us. In between the concrete jungle and a greater number of screens than people, plants and trees are literally a breath of fresh air.

Plants soothe our eye and helps us relax between all the chaos. We thought why not add more colors to it? and that’s exactly what we did. We made beautiful hand-painted customized pots that are personalized to the choice, décor and aesthetic the person wants.

These beautiful pots not only make the space beautiful by adding texture and soothing colors but also gives a unique experience.

Why Choose Us

Expertise and Experience

Backed by years of experience in the gardening industry, our team brings a wealth of knowledge to every project. We've tackled a diverse range of landscapes and challenges, giving us the expertise to handle any gardening need.

Personalized Approach

We believe that every garden is unique and should reflect your individual style. Our personalized approach ensures that your preferences are at the forefront of every design and service we offer.

Attention to Detail

From the initial consultation to the final touch, we pay meticulous attention to every detail to guarantee the success of your gardening project.

Customer Satisfaction

Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. We're not just here to complete a job; we're here to exceed your expectations and leave you with a garden that fills you with pride.

From Soil - Into Soil

We are a proud sustainable brand. Everything from the pot to packaging is a 100% biodegradable and does not harm the environment.

All the beautiful pots are sourced from local traditional potters who have been making beautiful hand-crafted pots for generations. In this era of plastic, machines and mass production, these pots are not only unique but has a human touch to it. Needless to say, it is a job opportunity for these craftsmen and a boost to this local industry.

The team of artist painting the pots also get to display their art and follow their passion while making a living for themselves.

Hand painted pots

From beautiful patterns, soothing colors to artistic designs, we can paint anything into these pots. We have also painted lifelike portraits and these are one of the most popular ranges in the pots. It’s a perfect gift by which the person will remember you for the longest time.

Uday Karmacharya

A trained professionals who has had several national and international exhibitions under his name is the lead of our art department. He continually trains new and budding artists who them become a part of the team. Uday also takes lead on the fine art portraits and specialized custom pieces while supervising the entire production process

One of a kind

Like nature has made each plant different, how every leaf of the same tree also has uniqueness to it, we decided to make each pot different too. All the handmade pots are hand painted by our team of artists giving a unique and artistic touch to it. The paint not only makes a beautiful art piece but also protects the pot from moss, dirt and fungi.

Indoor and Outdoor Greens

We have a variety of indoor and outdoor plants. Amongst the huge family of plants, you could also find the ones that are popular over social media and people all over the world love to parent. Like humans and animals, it is better that plants also have friends and companion, so that they can grow better and happier. Anyway, our customer record shows that no plant parent can have just one.